Friday, July 10, 2009

Kevin Hartman interview 7/9/09

Talked with Kevin yesterday about a variety of topics. Of course the first subject was the PK in Seattle. We also talk about the defense without Jimmy and Roger Espinoza with the Honduran National Team.

Aaron Hohlbein interview 07-9-2009

I talked with Aaron yesterday. We discuss him stepping up to help lead in Jimmy's absence and of course we have to mention "Dive-Gate".

Rauwshan McKenzie Interview - 7/9/09

I talked with Rauwshan yesterday. The first part of the audio is not very good for the first 30 seconds or so because of the wind. It get much better after that first 30 second or so.

Zoltán Hercegfalvi: A Kansas City Wizard

Zoltán Hercegfalvi training today with the Wizards. Looks like he will be wearing the number 20.

He participated in a small side scrimmage.

Walking in after talking with one of the trainers...

He was headed in to get a photo taken in uniform. Think the deal might be done?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Coach Onalfo press conference - Open Cup game with Seattle comments

Coach Onalfo normally discusses the previous and upcoming games at his weekly press conference. This week the loss at Seattle on a controversial late PK call obviously still angered him.

I cut out just the Seattle game comments for people to hear.

At one point he refers to Montero as a punk. He later says the player can not be blamed but I think his first instinct is correct.

I have some interview with Wizards players who were there and I will post those later tonight.

Kansas City Wizards 0 - 1 Seattle Sounders FC

The Wizards lost the Open Cup game with Seattle Tuesday night. You can read Mike's write up or Hillcrest Road's post for some details. The key play that night was a PK awarded to Seattle for Kevin Hartman tripping Montero in the box. Since there was not a lot of video there (why?) we only have 1 or 2 angles to review the play. There is a great photo here that shows how close it really was. Ironically most KC fans think Montero DOVE and most Seattle fans think Hartman CLEARLY tripped Montero.

Wizards fans think the photo shows there is space between Hartman's arm and Montero's foot and Montero is already in mid-swan before being touched.

Sounder fans think the photo shows Montero already in a locked up by Hartman's armpit position like it was pro-wrestling. Of course pro-wrestling is not exactly real either.

I have taken enough photos and looked at enough photos to say that you can not conclude the exact location based on one image. We need more evidence to see if Montero is ankle deep in Kevin's pits or 2 feet away by his hand.

I can see enough to know that Montero iniated the contact (if there was actual contact) and was already falling before the contact. His leg was pulled back instead of striding forward towards the ball that he probably could not get to anyway.

Even Montero's comments after the game fuel the controversy.

"I got a pass from Stephen King. My intention was to bring the keeper out. He left the goal, I think you know the standards a South American player has, and in the last minute that was the best choice to get a goal. And thank God we got the good fortune to get the goal."

Sounders fans with 'rave-green" glasses on think nothing of that comment, Wizards fans think he just admitted to diving.

Yes I think Montero dove, but the Wizards gave him the opportunity to make that dive.

I know diving is part of the game but it is one of the worst parts of the game.

I hope Seattle remembers we will always be their first loss?

Foreign player practicing with the Wizards

There was a new face with the Wizards in practice today. I believe they are working on signing him and I think we will hear something soon (the next 48 hours). My understanding is he is European and a striker.

(Yes I do know his name but I was asked to not reveal it yet)

I will add a photo a little later today...