Saturday, August 1, 2009

Zoltán press conference audio

As I promised, here is the audio from Zoltán's press conference. I left in all the translation portions since I know some of his Hungarian fans may listen in as well.

Part 1 - Zoltán is introduced, he is asked his expectations, why he chose to come play in the United Stated, to compare his previous league to MLS play, what position is he training with the Wizards, is he still following his previous team and the Hungarian National team and about being a goal scorer.

Part 2 = Peter is asked why this move now, was the toughness lacking in the team that Zoltán brings, about the physical description of MLS, then Zoltán is asked about the physical vs technical of MLS, Zoltán is asked about his new teammates.

Part 3 - Zoltán is asked about communicating with his new team mates, Peter is asked about the process of signing a foreign player, transfer fee and the loan agreement. The audio stops before the video does on this one so around 7 1/2 minutes you can stop it.

Part 4 - Peter talks about how and when he found Zoltán, about forming a relationship with Honvéd FC and Zoltán paving the way for more Hungarian players. Zoltán speaks a little in English at the end.

A lot if good info from Peter in there. Zoltán has the potential to bring a lot to the team. He does have scoring touch, hopefully he can blend in with the team well and can find some good playing time.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Hercules Gomez interview - 7/31/09

Had to talk to Herculez today so I could get a close up look at his new hairstyle (or lack there of)...

Had to post a photo as well...

Jimmy Conrad interview - 7/31/09

Talked to Jimmy this morning. We talked about his injury, the Gold Cup and a couple other things.

More Zoltán (how to say Zoltán edition)

I will put the audio up from the press conference when Zoltán was introduced later today. It would be up already but I goofed when I put it together so I have to rework it in awhile. It is long (around 30 minutes) but has a lot of good info in it. In the mean time I just wanted to post this so people could hear Zoltán speak and know how to pronounce his name.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zoltán Hercegfalvi officially introduced

Zoltán Hercegfalvi (just Zoltán from now on) was officially introduced today. Peter Vermes hands him the number 20 jersey with Zoltan on the back...

Peter Vermes translated for Zoltán during the press conference. Zoltán did speak a little english and understood many of the questions without translation...

Peter confirmed that Zoltán is with the Wizards on an 18 month loan with options for keeping him.

If there is interest I can put up the full audio later...

Adam Cristman interview 7/29/09

Talked with Adam after practice yesterday.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zoltán Hercegfalvi deal is done

Zoltán Hercegfalvi will be introduced as the newest Kansas City Wizard on Thursday at the weekly press conference. Peter Vermes will be translating when needed.

Zoltán will wear number 20 and his jersey will have Zoltán on the back.

Update: The official announcement was emailed out and it has been posted on Hillcrest Road. I will be at the press conference to get photos and audio. Any questions for Zoltán?