Friday, August 7, 2009

Coach Onalfo message to the fans

I exchanged emails with Curt Onalfo, the former Wizards head coach. I asked him if he was ready to do an interview and to see how he was doing. He did not want to do an interview just yet but did ask me to pass this message onto the fans:

"just tell the fans that I sincerely love them, want to thank them for their support, I will miss them and I will always cherish the moments we shared leading this group to two consecutive playoffs after they saw the team fall short in 05 and 06...lastly pls tell them to continue to support and cheer passionately for the Wizards regardless if they were opposed to the decision because the Wizards need a larger fan base for the team to have the success it wants long term..."

Coach Onalfo watching his team play...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Davy Arnaud interview 8/6/2009

Talked with Davy Arnaud after practice today. He has not practiced this week hoping to get healthy.

Aaron Hohlbein interview 8/5/200

I talked with Aaron after practice...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wizards interviews 8/4/2009

After the press conference I was able to talk to Peter, Jimmy and Josh.

First up is the new interim Head Coach...

Next is Jimmy...

And last but not least is Josh...

Peter Vermes Interim Head Coach Press Conference

Here is the press conference where Peter Vermes was introduced as the Wizards interim Head Coach...

Peter Vermes introduced as interim coach

Kansas City Wizards President Robb Heineman announced Tuesday that Technical Director Peter Vermes will serve as the team’s Interim Head Coach through the end of the 2009 season. Vermes was a founding member of Major League Soccer and a standout on the United States National Team. After retiring, Vermes became the Technical Director of Blue Valley Soccer Club before serving as the Head Coach of the United States Under-20 Men’s National Team in 2006. He became the Wizards Technical Director on November 15, 2006 and will maintain that role while assuming Interim Head Coaching duties.

Peter Vermes at practice on his first day as interim head coach...

Interim Coach Peter Vermes talking with Jimmy Conrad and Kurt Morsink at practice...

Wizards VP of Communications introduces Peter Vermes as the interim Head Coach at todays press conference.

More media than usual...

Kansas City Wizards newest coach Zoran Savic and the Wizards longest serving coach Kerry Zavagnin...

I will post the audio in another post shortly...

I was able to get some quick interviews with Peter, Jimmy Conrad and Josh Wolff. Those will be posted shortly...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Peter Vermes to be the interim coach

It has been reported in the Kansas City Star that Peter Vermes will be the interim coach. The Wizards were going to officially announce this in the morning after the players had all been informed. Sources have told me that Wizards color commentator Zoran Savic will be named as an assistant coach as well.

Coach Onalfo dismissed

The Kansas City Wizards announced Monday that the team has dismissed Head Coach Curt Onalfo. The Wizards will announce an Interim Head Coach Tuesday at the team’s Swope Park Training Center after the players have been addressed following an off-day Monday.

"Our shareholder group is thankful for Curt Onalfo's service over the last two-and-a-half seasons, but we felt a change needed to be made," OnGoal CEO and Wizards President Robb Heineman said. "We are committed to developing high-performance and consistency around our club."

Onalfo finished with a 27-29-22 record in MLS play after taking over prior to the 2007 season. Assistant Coach Kris Kelderman has also been dismissed.

An interim coach will be announced in the morning.

Update: I was also informed that the decision was based upon more than the latest result. The direction the team had taken over a longer period of time was the reason. I am sure the last game just helped seal his fate.

Coach I wish you well in future endeavors.

Coach Onalfo at a recent press conference.

KC Wizards 0 - 6 FC Dallas


Frustrating, humiliating, horrible, pathetic, atrocious, hideous, embarrassing…

And those are the words I can use in front of my daughter.

This was one of the trips that the supporters group made this year. I almost went along and Saturday afternoon I was really regretting not going. By the end of the match I was extremely glad I did not go after all. From all reports and from the broadcast (which did not go well by the way) it looked as if the only Kansas City group that showed up and gave a good effort for the full 90 was the traveling supporters. I have to give a ton of credit to those fans because I do not know if I could have kept up the support down 6-0.

I think for the first time, a Coach Onalfo led team quit on him. I do not know what is going on but the team did not play well. The team has put together very few good performances this year. San Jose that few people saw because of the weather, Real Salt Lake away and New England at home were the only good performances that jump to mind.

Losses and ties at home are often attributed to playing on the small field at CAB. The size of the field makes it “hard to play the Wizards style” or the small field makes for un-predictable results or the visiting teams have learned how to play on that field now. Well I sure as heck wish the Wizards would learn to play on that field. Playing on larger fields does not seem to be helping either.
The last outright win was June 13th against a man down New England team. The only other “win” in the last two months was June 30th in the Open Cup against the Minnesota Thunder. While there may have been some questionable calls go against KC, the Wizards still had to rely on Boris Pardo to come up big in PK’s against a bad USL team.

Hot seat?

I do not know how much pressure is on Coach Onalfo from the Wizards but I do know that fans are becoming increasingly restless. Read the fan forums and you will see each week more people jumping on the “CO must Go” bandwagon. I am not ready to jump on it yet, but something does need to change and it needs to happen soon.

In the press conference the other day, Coach took a jab at the media saying they will only be writing about how far down the standings the team is and won’t be looking at the fact that they will have 3 games in hand. Well Coach, maybe I am not normal media (I hope not), but I do look at the standings and I also look at the number of games played.I am also pretty good with math most of the time. It is great to have those 3 games in hand but if you are more than 9 points out of a playoff spot it does no good to have any games in hand. Even if you are in reach of that playoff spot it has to be proven that the team can win games to get those points.

Since it is so much in the conversation of fans right now, I will write another post where I give my opinion on the coaching staff and the technical director.