Thursday, December 17, 2009

Robb Heineman Stadium Update

Wizards President Robb Heineman gave the fans an update on the stadium tonight. The short version is they are now confident enough to move ahead and they expect to be possibly moving dirt next week (Christmas present?). Seems that Robb is going to make good on his statement that they should be moving dirt by the end of the year.

There will still be a formal announcement, probably in early January. Robb said they still need to have all the documents signed (State of Kansas, Unified Government of Wyandotte County, Cerner and Ongoal) and sell Star bonds (by March 1st).

Listen to Robb talk and get the whole story...

I just happened to be out shopping today and was in the vicinity of the new stadium site. I stopped by to see if maybe they had started without telling us. They had not but I took a couple snapshots for reference. What timing!!!

This would be the northwest end of the stadium. You can see Arthur Bryants BBQ across the street. What sporting event in Kansas City does not have BBQ smell drifting across the stadium?

Looking across approximately midfield towards Kansas Speedway...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sign the KC Bid to host the World Cup - Time is running out

The Bid committee will decide sometime this month which 18 cities will be in the final US Bid to host the World Cup. This is an important step and Kansas City definitely deserves to be one of the finalists. The economic impact is tremendous ($400-$600 million). They are meeting today. They made decide today or the final decision may come later this month.

The bid committee is using these petitions as input to determine the 18 finalists. If you have not signed already, do so. Share with friends, co-workers, strangers, anyone with an email address and a desire to benefit the city.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Peter Vermes Interview - 12/11/09

Part 1: Asked Coach Vermes about players contract situations (Hirsig, Lopez and Kamara), Coach Zambrano and some logic of who was protected in the expansion draft.

Part 2: I ask Coach about scouting and team needs in preparation for the Superdraft, the strategy for drafting, how the lack of a Collective Bargaining Agreement is affecting the planning and are they looking at specific players to acquire and foreign players.

Part 3: Peter talks about the World Cup draw, USL/NASL situation, the prospect of getting the scouting director position filled and will Coach Zambrano joining the staff change day to day activities.