Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 podcast #2

Mike and I recorded our second podcast of the year a couple days ago. Of course the Wizards have been pretty busy since then. They got final approval on the stadium, started the digging and announced the signing of a couple players. A bit of this is a little out of date now but not too bad.

part 1 - We talk about the draft

part 2 - we talk about the stadium renderings, jersey's and a couple other things

part 3 - former player updates

As soon as we can figure out a good name for the podcast, I will start putting out audio only podcasts and hopefully get it added to itunes. So let us know if you have any suggestions for a name for the podcast or any other suggestions.


  1. How about: Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble!


    Over the Rainbow

  2. Yea, so I'm late and whatnot - but I do agree that we'll have some sort of strategic partnership with St. Louis. Fans will have to get over the fact that it's StL and realize it's for the good of the team and players, esp. if the reserve division is still defunct.

  3. Oh - and for the name... "Down the Backpost?"