Tuesday, January 19, 2010

International signings for the Wizards (a little more info)

As I reported earlier this evening, Stephane Auvray received his P1 Visa and the should be announced by the team soon. Robb was really chomping at the bit to tell the fans but held off as the visa lawyer requested. Robb told me there was a great photo of Auvray and Dwayne DeRosario that he really liked. He had considered posting that photo and saying that they had signed one of those two. I am sure that would have generated some fun questions.

So Auvray is the defensive mid that Robb had tweeted about and from the looks of the highlight clips he is a going to make opposing offenses regret going up the middle.

The second of three players that Robb mentioned in tweets is one of the three central defenders that Ives reported a month ago; "America De Cali central defender Edward Zea, Deportivo Cali central defender Pablo Escobar and Deportes Quindio central defender Hanyer Mosquera have been signed by MLS".

So Escobar, Hanyer or Mosquera? One of those players is waiting his Visa approval for the Wizards. Peter says the player to be named later is fast. Very fast. Very athletic.

The third player that Robb tweeted about was an attacking left side player. I found out tonight who that is but all I can say for now is he is English, he was in the youth system of one of the big 4 Premier League teams, is still young and has played for a few well known English teams. Does not look like he lit up the scoring at the highest levels but will have to see what he can do at the MLS level.


  1. So, the "E" that is bolded is the one, eh? :)

  2. Wait, we might be in the running for the world's most well-known drug lord? Oh, wrong Pablo Escobar.

    Two guesses at the English player: Chris Eagles or Kieran Richardson?

  3. So Ives is reporting Escobab...

    @Gooch: No and no