Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random shots - 1/21/2010

The other day after Robb took his first dig to start the new stadium, I did an interview. No, I was not the interviewer, I was the interviewee. Laz from asked to talk about the Wizards and how they relate to NextGen Media. Check out the interview here. Also listen to Laz's podcasts on Nextgen media.

Mike has a good post on trialists that are coming in to camp. Robb has mentioned that numerous players will be in camp to tryout. He said these players are of the quality that they probably would have just signed them in the past. Vincenzo Bernardo is one of those players. He has played on the US U-17 and U-19 teams. Since 2006 he had been in Italy with Napoli. It seems that he decided to return to the United States to get playing time, hopefully get in the US National team picture and get his career on track.

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  1. hey Thad thanks for the link. Sorry the audio turned out so crappy, but it was a very informative podcast so thanks for talking to me. :)