Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wizards camp 2010 - Day 2

The team did normal warm up type stuff and then broke into groups. The keepers went down to one end and the field players split into 3 teams and played small keep away type games to warm up for ahwile. Then they played some small side scrimmages without goals.

The next activity was a small field full size goal scrimmage between the three teams. Teal Bunbury one timed a shot past the keeper who had no chance for the first goal of pre-season. Shortly after sending a shot way off target (may have hit the Taco Bueno at CAB), Nelson Pizzaro put a sweet shot into the top corner for the second goal of camp. The third goal was scored by Davy Arnaud. At least I think it was Davy, I was trying to tweet Nelson's goal when I looked up and saw a rocket sliding under the bar. Davy looked happy and the person next me thought it was Davy also so I am giving him credit.

After rotating all the teams and keepers through the scrimmage, the team did some shooting drills. A few variations were run through, different run patterns, different passes (in air, opposite foot, etc...) while all the keepers would face two shots and switch in and out.

For the first day of camp playing on turf in an indoor facility, the passing looked pretty good. The rookies all looked like they want to be here and at least showed why they were drafted.
There are several trialists in camp. I know the name of couple and I am trying to find out the rest. I will respect the team's wishes to not publish names while they decide to put in claims or not.

At least one of the field players there on trial is from Europe. At first glance I thought Vincenzo Bernardo had returned but it was not him.

I know I am only basing this opinion on two days of camp but it looks like there is competition for every spot on the field and on the roster (with a couple exceptions).

I have a couple interviews that I will post later tonight.

Players status and observations

In camp
Davy Arnaud - looked like Davy
Matt Besler - looks like he may have bulked up a bit
Teal Bunbury - looks very athletic and fast, moved around the ball pretty good
Adam Cristman - had a couple good shots
Michael Harrington - looks ready to play, made a great play to save ball off the line
Zoltan Hercegfalvi - had a couple decent chances
Santiago Hirsig -
Aaron Hohlbein -
Michael Kraus -
Jonathan Leathers -
Rauwshan McKensie -
Kurt Morsink -
Chance Myers -
Boris Pardo -
Kevin Souter -
Graham Zusi - looked dangerous at times
Nick Cardenas - can't wait to see him on a corner kick
Mauro Fuzetti - handled the ball well, had some nice shots in drills but was the last finisher in the shooting game at the end so had to run a lap without uniform
Ofori Sarkodie - looked composed, heads up

In camp invitees
Louis Crayton - former DC United keeper trying out
Trialist 1 - some guy from Europe, thought he was Vincenzo Bernardo at first, but is not
Trialist 2 - another foreign player
Trialist GK 1 - was at the recent tryout and looks okay
Trialist GK 2 - Looked pretty solid while I was watching him
(the team may be filing discovery claims so will not reveal the names just yet)
There was another player working out today. He was there yesterday in street clothes and I thought he was an agent/friend/family but he was doing some fitness work today.

Not in camp
Kevin Hartman - not signed
Claudio Lopez - not signed
Kei Kamara - not signed
Josh Wolff - in New York for negotiations?
Jimmy Conrad - couple days off from National Team camp and may be in New York for negotioations as well
Stephane Auvray - will join club this week
Pablo Escobar - traveling, I think he will meet team in Arizona
Olukorede Aiyegbusi - has not reported, finishing some school items

In camp - not participating
Roger Espinoza - has a couple days off from National Team duty
Eric Kronberg - jogged but did not participate
Jack Jewsbury - recuperating from off season surgery
Lance Watson - was jogging and doing some light fitness work

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