Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wizards camp 2010 - Day 3

Josh and Jimmy were back in camp. They had been at the CBA negotiations with the league.

Today was all about fitness testing. This was the second day of fitness testing, the first was Tuesday. The players ran a series of 30 yard dashes, I think each player ran 5 or 6 in a row to see how the times changed.

Once there was enough players done with the dash to form a group, they did the beep test. There was a total of 4 groups.The beep test is a back and forth shuttle type run to the pace of prerecorded beeps. They get a couple chances to not make the turn in time and then they are out. It is a standard test and fitness can be measured in "steps" and compared against players around the world.

The winners (longest lasting in each group) were:
Souter -Kevin had a really good score and got an ovation from all the rest of the players
Cardenas mostly draft picks and trialists
Moldavan Trialist #2

Auvray might be at practice Friday so hopefully we get to see him as the team gets back to actual training.

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