Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wizards training camp players list

Here is my best list of all the players of interest at the moment

Returning players in camp:
Arnaud, Davy
Besler, Matthew
Cristman, Adam
Conrad, Jimmy
Espinoza, Rodger
Harrington, Michael
Hercegfalvi, Zoltan
Hirsig, Santiago
Hohlbein, Aaron
Jewsbury, Jack - recovering from off-season surgery
Kraus, Michael
Leathers, Jonathan
McKenzie, Rauwshan
Morsink, Kurt
Myers, Chance
Pardo, Boris
Souter, Kevin
Watson, Lance - recovering from injury
Wolff, Josh
Zusi, Graham

Draft picks:
Bunbury, Teal - F 2010 1st round pick
Cardenas, Nicholas - D 2010 3rd round pick
Fuzetti, Mauro - M 2010 3rd round pick
Sarkodie, Ofori - D 2010 4th round pick

Other Wizards not in camp yet:
Auvray, Stephane - M should be at practice on Friday
Escobar, Pablo - D should join team in Arizona
"Left side attacking player" - M have to assume he does not have a visa yet
Hartman, Kevin - GK not in camp, not under contract
Kamara, Kei - F not in camp, not under contract
Kronberg, Eric - GK in camp, not participating, likely not under contract
Lopez, Claudio - M not under contract (may not see him back)
Aiyegbusi, Olukorede - D has not reported, finishing some school items

Trialists in camp:
Brown, Kyle Aaron - F, Austin Aztex, Houston, Real Salt Lake, New England (drafted)
Crayton, Louis - GK DC United, Liberian National Team
Gehrig, Eric - M Loyola
Glaeser, Matt - GK Hartford, Pallo-Iirot
Horwath, Alex - GK Wisconsin
Kemenes, Szabolcs - GK MTK Hungaria, Hungarian U-21,20,19,17 teams
Pizzaro, Nelson - M Miami FC, Kansas City Wizards
Moldovan Trialist #1 - M ******
Moldovan Trialist #2 - M ******
(Withholding the names of the two Moldovan trialists as requested)
Possibly more joining team in Arizona

On Trialist list (not in camp now):
Walker, Ian - GK Bolton, Leicester City, Tottenham Hotspur
(maybe he will join the team in Arizona)

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