Sunday, February 28, 2010

More players in camp - Rocastle and Chhetri

Kansas City have two more players in camp on trial.

Craig Rocastle - Rocastle is a midfielder who is best known for being the cousin of Arsenal and England player David Rocastle. Craig was in the Queens Park Rangers youth system and then was with Chelsea reserves. While he did not play a league game with Chelsea he gained experience through several loans. He did play with Sheffield Wednesday and Port Vale as well before bouncing through a few teams on trial.

Sunil Chhetri - Chhetri is striker that plays for Dempo SC of the I-League. He had reportedly signed a contract with Queens Park Rangers but was denied a work visa. Chhetri has also played 35 games for India. Chhetri had been rumored with previous MLS clubs but was unable to come to terms with MLS.


  1. When they see Rocastle play they will put him on the first flight home and then hopefully the FGR manager will put him on a flight to some other country to get him away.

  2. I hope Kansas signs Chhetri, they can then sell his jersey to 1.1 billion population and earn enough to build a stadium...

  3. Ganesh KC, Darjeeling, IndiaMarch 6, 2010 at 9:53 PM

    Affiliation of Sunil Chhetri with MLS club KCW will be great news and I think the deal will benefit both the individual and the club immensely. Besides merchandising, Indian footballers will also get a morale boost and see themselves doing better and better in the days to come.

  4. I still think a player of the quality of Chettri is way too good for a 2nd string club like Kansas Wizards,even Dempo Sc as a club is much better than Kansas.Sunil should have tried his luck in other parts of Europe.But even then he will be able to get quality players to play against with the likes of Donovan and Beckham around him!!But having got quite a bit of knowledge about MLS and other leagues around Europe I feel Sunil should play in Europe at the earliest.But heres hoping for a good relation between Kansas and him!! Definately Kansas will get a lot of exposure in India(the fastest growing economy in the world) after this deal..Good luck all!!