Sunday, February 14, 2010

Peter Vermes interview - 2/13/10

I checked in with Peter Vermes after the preseason game with San Jose. The Wizards lost 1-0 on an early (2nd minute) goal by Eduardo.

Some highlights from the interview:

Coach Vermes said the team was "gassed". The team had been going through high volume of training the last two weeks and the team was feeling the effects of it. San Jose came out with high pressure and Kansas City was just not ready for it.

Peter did confirm that Jimmy Nielsen has been signed and is awaiting medical and approval of the P1 visa.

He also reiterated that they had tried to sign Hartman but were unable to come to terms after long negotiations and they needed to sign a keeper or two.

When asked about the other keepers that did not play Saturday, he replied that Walker is gone and Crayton is still around and has done very well.

Kronberg has a deal on the table and we should be finding out soon if he wants to come back in or not.

Peter said that trialist Ryan Smith is doing well and slowly getting acclimated to the way we play and it is good that we had two games against San Jose because he got to see what games against another MLS team would be like. He is definitely under consideration right now.

Listen to the interview here

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