Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Player update - 2/2/2010

With all the player news lately, I thought I would roundup who I know is in camp, who is not and some more potential news/speculation.

While the announcement of Ryan Smith being in camp last night is interesting, that is not the "left sided attacking player" that Robb talked about during the draft. So we are still looking to see who that is and how he fits in.

The Moldovans were named last night as well. Casian and Kostrov. Of course there is confusion on the proper spelling of the names when they are translated to English. Both of them look skilled and technical. In the scrimmages I saw, Casian seemed to play wider and further back, Kostrov more central.

Apparently there was speculation that the Wizards might be interested in Stern John returning to MLS. Late last week, Robb had told me that the team was still looking at another central defender and another forward. They were closer on the defender than the forward and neither one was imminent. I was told last night that with the signing of Kei, the work on that forward would be put on hold. I do not know if the Wizards were seriously considering Stern John or not but that does jibe with the article in SoccerAmericaDaily.

In the off season, Coach Vermes said they were going to look at a lot of players and the roster would probably look quite different for 2010. I do not think there is any doubt about that now.

So with all the name revealing and signings, here is my best current list of all the players of interest at the moment.

Returning players in camp:
Arnaud, Davy - M/F
Besler, Matthew - D
Cristman, Adam - F
Conrad, Jimmy - D
Espinoza, Rodger - M
Harrington, Michael - D/M
Hercegfalvi, Zoltan - F
Hirsig, Santiago - M
Hohlbein, Aaron - D
Jewsbury, Jack - M/D recovering from off-season surgery
Kamara, Kei - F, re-signed (got to Arizona already)
Kraus, Michael - F
Leathers, Jonathan - D
McKenzie, Rauwshan - D
Morsink, Kurt - M
Myers, Chance - D/M
Pardo, Boris - G
Souter, Kevin - M
Watson, Lance - D/M recovering from injury
Wolff, Josh - F
Zusi, Graham - M

Draft picks:
Bunbury, Teal - F 2010 1st round pick
Aiyegbusi, Olukorede - D 2010 2nd round pick reporting in Arizona, not sure if he is there yet
Cardenas, Nicholas - D 2010 3rd round pick
Fuzetti, Mauro - M 2010 3rd round pick
Sarkodie, Ofori - D 2010 4th round pick

New Wizards:
Auvray, Stephane - M Started practicing last Thursday
Escobar, Pablo - D should join team in Arizona, visa approved waiting to get stamped

Other Wizards:
"Other left side attacking player" - M have to assume he does not have a visa yet
Hartman, Kevin - GK not in camp, not under contract
Kronberg, Eric - GK in camp, not participating, likely not under contract
Lopez, Claudio - M not under contract (may not see him back)

Trialists in camp:
Brown, Kyle Aaron - F, Austin Aztex, Houston, Real Salt Lake, New England (drafted)
Casian, Alexei - M Moldovan Trialist #2
Crayton, Louis - GK DC United, Liberian National Team
Gehrig, Eric - M Loyola
Glaeser, Matt - GK Hartford, Pallo-Iirot
Horwath, Alex - GK Wisconsin
Kemenes, Szabolcs - GK MTK Hungaria, Hungarian U-21,20,19,17 teams
Kostrov, Igor - M, Moldovan Trialist #1
Pizzaro, Nelson - M Miami FC, Kansas City Wizards
Smith, Ryan - M Crystal Palace, Arsenal youth, trialing with Wizards in Arizona
Possibly more joining them in Arizona

On Trialist list but not in camp (at least as far as I know):
Walker, Ian - GK Bolton, Leicester City, Tottenham Hotspur

Just for fun, here is Auvray at his first practice with the Wizards...


  1. What about Vincenzo Bernardo? Are they not still looking at him?

  2. Keep up the great work, Thad. Your information and images are a must read for all of us wondering about the team.

  3. I have not hear anymore about Vincenzo Bernardo. In the tryouts I saw he looked good but did not look better than some of the others that were there.

    Next time I get a chance I will ask about him but it may be awhile.