Friday, February 5, 2010

Player update - 2/4/2010

It is my understanding that another keeper may be joining the Wizards soon if he is not there already. I do not know a name but was told that he is a "big time" keeper and that he played in Europe. This is not Walker, he is in camp and training.

With the current keepers in camp and the potential of another joining them soon, it seems we may have seen the last of Kevin Hartman.

Wizards players in camp:
Arnaud, Davy - M/F
Auvray, Stephane - M
Besler, Matthew - D
Conrad, Jimmy - D
Espinoza, Rodger - M
Harrington, Michael - D/M
Hercegfalvi, Zoltan - F
Hirsig, Santiago - M
Hohlbein, Aaron - D
Kamara, Kei - F, re-signed
Kraus, Michael - F
Leathers, Jonathan - D
McKenzie, Rauwshan - D
Morsink, Kurt - M
Myers, Chance - D/M
Pardo, Boris - G
Souter, Kevin - M
Wolff, Josh - F
Zusi, Graham - M

Wizards players back in KC:
Jewsbury, Jack - M/D recovering from off-season surgery
Watson, Lance - D/M recovering from injury

Draft picks:
Bunbury, Teal - F 2010 1st round pick
Aiyegbusi, Korede - D 2010 2nd round pick reporting in Arizona, not sure if he is there yet
Cardenas, Nicholas - D 2010 3rd round pick
Fuzetti, Mauro - M 2010 3rd round pick
Sarkodie, Ofori - D 2010 4th round pick

New Wizards:
Escobar, Pablo - D should join team in Arizona, visa approved waiting to get stamped

Wizards gone:
Cristman, Adam - F Traded to DC United
Gomez, Herculez - M/F Signed with Puebla FC
Marquess, Matt - D Retired

Other Wizards:
"Other left side attacking player" - M have to assume he does not have a visa yet
Hartman, Kevin - GK not in camp, not under contract
Kronberg, Eric - GK in camp, not participating, likely not under contract
Lopez, Claudio - M not under contract (may not see him back)

Trialists in camp:
Brown, Kyle Aaron - F, Austin Aztex, Houston, Real Salt Lake, New England (drafted)
Casian, Alexei - M Moldovan Trialist #2
Crayton, Louis - GK DC United, Liberian National Team
Gehrig, Eric - M Loyola
Horwath, Alex - GK Wisconsin
Kostrov, Igor - M, Moldovan Trialist #1
Pizzaro, Nelson - M Miami FC, Kansas City Wizards
Smith, Ryan - M Crystal Palace, Arsenal youth, trialing with Wizards in Arizona
Walker, Ian - GK Bolton, Leicester City, Tottenham Hotspur

No longer in camp:
Glaeser, Matt - GK Hartford, Pallo-Iirot
Kemenes, Szabolcs - GK MTK Hungaria, Hungarian U-21,20,19,17 teams

Since I am not in Arizona at the moment, this is as accurate as can be.


  1. Who will start up front? Zoltan, Kamara and Teal/Josh. That makes Davy,hersig,chance(d/m) & roger @mid. Besler,JC,Watson @d. And a new gk.

  2. Not sure who is going to start, it will be very interesting to see who even makes the team.

    Don't forget about Auvray in the mid also.

  3. Watson will be lucky to make the team. He is not a Vermes favorite at all. The moment Vermes took over Watson rarely saw the bench.
    You need to throw in your lineup Auvrey and Escobar since I'm guessing we aren't paying them alot of money to sit on the bench.
    4-4-2 would sound more reasonable to start off. I just worry that without KH it will be a long year in goal.

  4. I just want to know if there are any rumors flying around about who this "big time" keeper might be, and just how big of a name we might be looking at?...

  5. Why get rid of Kevin? He has been so good for us the past few seasons. Is he too expensive? Too old? I don't get it. I will be very say to see him go