Monday, February 1, 2010

Ryan Smith joins Wizards in Arizona

Robb Heineman tweeted that Ryan Smith has joined the team in Arizona. While this is an attacking left sided player, it seems that it is not the same one that Robb mentioned during the draft.
Smith has one appearance with the England U-20 team. He started his professional career at 16 with Arsenal with a few games in the Carling Cup. He has spent time with Leicester City, Derby County, Millwall, Southhampton and Crystal Palace. All that and he is still 23.

It seems that he showed a lot of talent and promise as a youth player but has slid down the depth chart at each team he joined. It will be interesting to see how he fares in Wizards training camp and if he can earn a spot.


  1. Not to be too picky but if you look at his stats the whole "attacking" thing is a bit questionable since he's only scored 1 goal in about 7 years. Hopefully he can get online here in KC.

  2. Your right, he does not have a lot of goals. Truthfully, he did not look like a left side player in some of the videos I saw.

    I was trying to kid a bit since there was some confusion that this was the "left sided attacking player" that Robb had mentioned during the draft.

    He is not that player.

  3. Thanks for the update Thad

    I'm glad to hear we are still signing for the "left sided attacker". Although looking at the amount of players going to Arizona I can see maybe 17 to 18 secure spots (Kevin included); with a few past regulars fighting for one of the 6 remaining spots with the huge amount of trialists and rookies.

  4. I am very interested in what I have read. I think you need to consider that football is a team sport. The club bought Smith for a reason. I look out for bonding with a team with the end result of victory. It is not about stars, it is about scoring goals as a team and winning. They are called players because they each have a part. Technical thinking has its place. But passion and a love of the game give you a different view. I am proud of him because I too am British and he just might bring new dimensions to the game in America that you have overlooked


  5. Smudge is a friend of mine... And I can safely say he will rip the MLS apart.
    Great with both feet and easily one the quikest players iv played against!
    Had gd success in england and the clubs he has played for Kansas don't come close! He will prove he the best player in America then be taken more seriously bk home!

  6. He is a giant, I hope he plays hard and goes to World Cup 2014 for the USA!!!