Monday, February 22, 2010

Souter, Morsink, Pizarro and Horwath released

Kevin Souter and Kurt Morsink have been waived, Nelson Pizarro and Alex Horwath were released from training camp roster.

Kevin "Soapy" Souter was the great "open tryout story" when he joined the team after the 2008 open tryouts. The Scottish International went on to start 5 games with 8 total appearances. He had one goal and would have competed for playing time last year if it was not for an injury that kept him out most of the year. The open tryouts was not Kevin's only good storyline. His first game at home was against LA at Arrowhead. David Beckham, Kevin's hero growing up was making his first appearance in Kansas City with all the hoopla that entailed. Souter was subbed in to the game in the second half and promptly went and stole the ball from his hero.

After the game, Kevin was spotted shaking hands and talking with Beckham. He was trying to get his jersey but Beckham had already promised it to a kid. Kevin was still as happy and as in awe as any kid in that stadium.

Kevin was also well known locally for how "in shape" he was. Any long runs, any beep tests, and feet of endurance was normally easily won by Kevin. The competition amongst the rest of the players was for second place.

Kurt Morsink was a 2007 4th round pick. Kurt made 47 appearances with 3 assists. As a defensive midfielder, Stink (Kurt) was well known for his mouth and being able to annoy the other team.

Nelson Pizarro was the other player that made the team from the 2008 open tryouts. "Nellie" made 3 appearances for Kansas City in 2008 but was unable to crack the bench in 2009 before being allowed to look for playing time with another team. Nelson joined a couple teams after leaving Kansas City.
Pizarro was invited back to invitee tryouts this year and had visibly improved. He was easily the best player at the tryouts and was invited to return for pre-season camp. Peter Vermes told me last week that Pizarro was being released so he could catch on with another team. Vermes was impressed with Nelson but knew that it would be near impossible to stick with the Wizards this year.

Alex Horwath from University of Wisconsin was also released from training camp roster. He looks to be a talented keeper and should catch on with another team at a lower level.

I wish all of these players luck and hope they catch on with other teams quickly.


  1. I really do hate to see Souter go, I really liked the guy.

    although I think the team needs to pick him up as a color commentator for the matches, he was pretty awesome in that game last year he did.

  2. I agree with that anon, Kevin was a great color guy and if no one picks him up to play I hope he comes back to do broadcasts.

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