Thursday, March 11, 2010

MLS players vote to strike

MLS players have voted to strike if a Collective Bargaining Agreement is not reached before the season starts on March 25th. I had really hoped to only post on the CBA when it was signed but I am thinking this is worthy of a post.

According to Steven Goff, the final tally was 383 - 2 in favor of striking. An overwhelmingly lopsided vote and an unambiguous message from the players to the league. I have to wonder if the 2 who voted against it couldn't read English or were way behind in their bills.

While both sides have agreed to use a mediator, it has obviously not resolved the differences yet.

I am not as freaked out about this as some others. While it may be painful, it is part of growing up as a league. All of MLS's older siblings have had work stoppages in some form or another. My fear would be if the work stoppage lasts very long. MLS and soccer may not be popular enough to survive an extended work stoppage and they certainly do not want a work stoppage through the World Cup time period.

After the Wizards scrimmage last night I spoke to Jimmy Conrad to get his take (do the download option on that audio). I walked up in the middle of Jimmy already being interviewed so the sound level start off a little quite but builds up to normal. We also talk about the scrimmage last night.

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