Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A note from Kevin Hartman

I have traded a couple emails with Kevin Hartman over the last few days. I was asking him several questions regarding his contract situation and his plans for the future. While he did not answer many of those questions yet, he did ask me to pass on his appreciation to the fans:

I'd really like to thank you for relaying how much that I enjoyed playing in Kansas City and how much that I relished being a part of the community. Playing in front of all the fans, reading "Boots Saves The Day" in KC schools, and playing with great friends are times that I'll always hold dear. Kansas City and it's wonderful history now hold a special place in my heart...
Thanks for everything,

Kevin was one of a only a couple players that came over to the Cauldron after the last game to thank the fans. He posed for a few quick photos and shook some hands before the staff chased him off to go sign autographs at the official autograph event.

No matter how good the next goalie is, he will have to work a bit to win over Hartman fans.

On a personal note, I want to wish Kevin and his family all the best.


  1. Guy is a class act. Given his situation, he still is taking the high road -- true professional.

  2. I will always remember Kevin for his intensity, professionalism, and his genuineness when interacting with fans. He is my wife's favorite Wizard (she will always remember the pink jerseys) of all time and he will be missed. The New Guy has his work cut out for him.

  3. Kevin's record in goal speaks for itself. He's one of the best. Thanks Kevin.

  4. Kevin, you'll be one of my favorites for a long time. Thank you for what you did with your time here.

  5. I suppose it may be bad form to chant "Hartman's Better Than You..." to the goalkeepers on BOTH ends of the pitch...

  6. Still don't get it about Hartman. A class act from his days with the Galaxy to the end with KC. What's up with this? How do you go in another direction when Hartman was probably one of the few bright spots kc has had over the past few years since he was a part of the team and definitely a fan favorite. How do you let someone with his work ethic and record (which speaks for itself go?) He still has so much more to give as I believe he is still playing at a very competitive level.. What a shame as I think any team would be lucky to have a guy of Kevin's caliber and I am sure he will be picked up by some team during this upcoming season. Kevin, thank you for all you did at KC. You are a class act and will truly be missed. You are both my son and daughter's favorite player and we all wish you the best.... Someone else sure has some big shoes to fill............