Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stadium construction shots - 3/27/2010

I was able to sneak into the Stadium Summit that was held prior to the game with DC last Saturday. You can get Mike's and David Streeter's take but I wanted to share a couple photos and observations...

This is taken from the North/Cauldron end looking towards the South. That is where we will be watching the Wizards play in the future...

This is the area where the west stands and the North/Cauldron stands meet...

This is looking east(ish) down the cauldron stand. Can almost see a bunch of crazy supporters already...

David Ficklin (in center with arms spread) talking with the fans. He is the VP in charge of design. Rory O'Connor (on right with short sleeves) is the VP in charge of construction...

Prior to the tour we received a presentation that laid out the basics of the design and lot of the thought behind the design. While I can not say I would have made all the same decisions, it is extremely obvious that they put a ton of thought into the design. Hopefully they share that presentation with everyone in the near future.

The material in the roof and the orientation of the stadium is to facilitate growing grass. The roof is part metal and part a clear material to allow the light onto the pitch. The supports for the roof are actually above the roof instead of below so the fans will see a smooth roof above them. If the supports were on the bottom of the roof like other stadiums they would have disbursed or dampened the sound.

The orientation of the stadium also facilitated (required) the stands to be at a steep rake (angle). Each stand will be unique and will have different angles and even seats in some cases. It will not have a "cookie cutter" feel at all.

Since the stadium is oriented on the shorter axis, it allows them to have the pavilion on the west side of the stadium that can be used for watch parties or even standalone events.

The sound system will be designed so the sound will wash across the people instead of having some fans underneath an obnoxious loud speaker and other not be able to hear.

The lighting has been designed to HD quality and will allow the TV (and still photographers) to have the ball lit from all angles including the shot directly at goal. This will be done without having a bright light in the keepers eyes.

The layout of the various suites, clubs and the open areas all have been designed with thought and purpose.

The technical staff (coaches) have all had their input for the locker rooms and training areas. There will even be a shakology room?
I am impressed...

A few more photos...


  1. Great information about the stadium! I have wondered, what if soccer takes off and in 10 or 15 years it's clear that KC could be selling 30k tickets or more. Is there room anywhere to expand the seating? With this information about the custom roof, etc, it appears not.

  2. The seating is expandable up to 25 or 26 thousand. They have designed the footings and support structure to be able to handle that increase in seating.

  3. thanks for the photos and infromation about what we are looking at in said photos

  4. This is so incredibly beautiful - great work Thad!