Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wizards 3/10 Practice Notes - afternoon session

Not sure how these guys will line up but this is who was in the afternoon session:
Kronberg (Crayton, Pardo backup keepers)
Leathers - Escobar - Hohlbein - Aiyegbusi
Hirsig - Jewsbury - Fuzetti - Kostrov - Zusi
Zoltan - Kamara

Just like the morning session, the teams broke into defensive oriented and offensive oriented practices with Vermes and Zavagnin coaching the defense and Zambrano and Savic coaching the offensive half.
The second group seemed to have less flair but more direct play when they scrimmaged.

Player observations:

Escobar looked okay but need to see him in a full size scrimmage to make a better judgement.

Pablo Escobar...

Aiyegbusi looks like he will be the guy that is everywhere interrupting the play. He plays larger than his stature for sure.

Korede Aiyegbusi...

Kostrov looks skilled. At times he seemed to blend well and at times he looked a little out of sync. He does seem to be more in the flow than he did the first time I saw him.

Igor Kostrov and Jonathan Leathers...

Zoltan and Kamara were both finishing well in the practice.

Zusi had a beautiful blast called back but it impressed all the players and coaches watching...

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