Friday, April 16, 2010

Inside the Wizards stadium construction photos

Last week I was able to go onto the Wizards Stadium construction site and get a few photos. I am a little slow getting these posted but thought people would like to see them.

If I understood correctly, at the time I was there the construction was off by only 1/8 of an inch from end to end. That is some accurate building. They were a little under a day behind schedule on that day but it was also right after all those thunderstorms we had. The site was still quite damp as you can see in some of the photos when I was there. I have heard they are back on schedule already but have not confirmed that.

This is looking down into the area behind/underneath the west stands from the pavilion area. The opening in the wall in the center of the photo in the exit from the locker room area onto the field.

This view is from the end of the Cauldron stand towards the west stands and locker rooms. The opening in this photo is the northwest vomitorium. The concrete and dirt/rock in this photo is the slope of the west stand.

Looking out of the locker room towards the field...

Standing in the Wizards locker room area looking north towards Nebraska Furniture Mart. That space will be the visiting teams locker room, the referees room and staff offices...

Looking south from inside the Wizards locker room...

Looking out from the south side of the locker room towards the south stand area. The flat rock area in the center of the photo is where the stage will be and is close to the actual level of the stage.

Inside the Wizards locker room is a huge hrotherapy bath. I've seen smaller swimming pools...

On the field looking at the entrance from the locker room onto the field.

Backside of the East stands. This rock will be left in place and built upon for the stands.

Standing on the South side looking down towards the locker rooms...

From the middle of the pitch towards the East stands. That rock and dirt will be built upon for those stands.

From the south side looking north over the west stands. The Cauldron stand is that dirt area center right of this view...

Brandon Valdez, Project Superintendent, Turner - Brandon was gracious enough to escort me all around the site answering a million questions. Thank you, Rory and everyone else I talked to that day...

More photos here...


  1. Great photos i am so confused with all the directions- Is the vomittunnel :) and locker rooms under the "large stand" at midfield?

  2. Sorry if it is confusing. The locker rooms are underneath the stands/suites on the west side of the stadium towards the open pavilion area. The Cauldron stands are in the north and the stage end is on the south.

  3. Where can I find the most updated "artist-rendering"?

  4. thanks Thad- for me not being able to see the plot of land only adds the confusion I believe- so to get this straight then- Supporters North, Cauldron Club Bar Northeast corner, East stands will be what is seen on television?, South Stands is stage, West stands is above the locker rooms and has the pressbox and also the pavilion behind it?

  5. if i could edit i would- looking at the google map it is obvious the plot isn't North south east west- will the stadium just go by the road lines and if so which stand is closest to NFM?

  6. True that it is not exactly North-South but that is the easiest way to reference it for me. The North/Cauldron stand will be closest to Nebraska Furniture Mart, the South stand closest to the Speedway. Does that help?

  7. perfect thanks and everything else about the cauldron club and pavilion are also correct?

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