Friday, April 16, 2010

Jose Burciaga interview - 4/14/2010

Former Wizard José Luis Burciaga Jr. stopped by training on Wednesday to say hi to some former team mates. He was able to take a few minutes and let us know what he is doing now.

Burciaga at practice...

Burciaga talks about what he is doing now and his life after playing...


  1. I don't want this to be a knock on Jose but I've never spoke with him, is he always this guarded?

    Seems like a great guy just a bit removed or something.

  2. It was the first time I spoke with him as well so I am not sure if that was normal or not. He seemed like a good guy that was just having a hard time talking about himself.

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  4. the guys is cocky, he is coaching a track club not soccer. His coaching staff is a joke. All those players in his youth system will be able to run but not play soccer,