Friday, April 16, 2010

Steel signing ceremony

Prior to the game against Colorado last week, the Wizards held a steel signing ceremony for Wizards season ticket holders. While it was ceremonial, this steel girder will be used in the stadium.

Hillcrest Syndicate Treasurer Kevin Shook and President Robert Houghton

Bunch of important people from the Wizards, Ongoal, Populous and Turner (?)

Looking down the beam...

Club President Robb Heineman speaking to the crowd

The girder starts up...

And up...

And celebration!!! 1 down, 1492 to go?

Bolt it down for the crowd...

After the crowd left, the beam was taken down for storage. It will go back up at the right time...

More shots of the steel signing...

Password removed from the photo gallery, sorry about that.


  1. More Shots Password??

  2. Sorry about that, I removed the password from the gallery.

  3. Hold on...they took the beam down???? What the heck was the point of putting it up then -- a good PR opportunity? Glad we celebrated a staged pseudo landmark event.

  4. The signing was real, the beam will go back in that same spot. The first beam will be down in the bowl and not a good safe spot for people to be at the signing.

    Doing it up top allowed them to have the signing in conjunction with a home game and do it safely.

    So putting the beam up was ceremonial, but still real steel otherwise...

  5. To add to Thad's last comment above, the column we all signed was the first piece of steel to arrive at site. Hence the name: First Steel Ceremony. And coming only 10 weeks after construction began, that is a landmark event.

    A little background on steel construction - You can't leave a single column standing with no bracing as its connections (anchor bolts) to the footing are not desinged for that. It needs a supporting structure around it, which is currently being erected. The signed column, which will be installed shortly, was also selected as it is on the exterior of the west elevation so everyone will be able to see it throughout the summer as the super structure is being erected. Hope that helps...

  6. Thanks for the additional info David.