Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Igor Kostrov waived

While it has not been officially announced yet, I have confirmed through multiple sources that Igor Kostrov has been waived. This is probably to make room for signing Jamar Beasley which has also not been announced yet. It also frees up a foreign player slot in case the Wizards want to use that for a DP signing in the summer transfer window.

Kostrov was one of two Moldovans that tried out for the team in spring training. Igor has not made it into any MLS games for the Wizards but he has played in many of the friendly scrimmages.. His ball handling skills were very good and he had a good shot but he never seemed to sync up with his team.

Good luck Igor...

After practices were over, Igor would often stay and shoot or dribble on his own. On the day this shot was taken, he had Horwath and Aiyegbusi work with him for close to an hour after practice. Playing to the wing, back in and shooting...

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