Thursday, July 29, 2010

Missouri Comets hold press conference - 7/28/2010

The MISL ball...

MISL Commissioner David Grimaldi welcomed the Comets back to the league as the sixth team. Grimaldi expects that two and possibly even three more teams will join the league before this season starts. A team in is St. Louis is expected for the next season as well.

Independence Evens Center General Manager Mike Young welcomed the arenas second tenant (the Missouri Mavericks hockey team being the first). Young considers the team more a partner than tenants in the way they all work together.

Independence Mayor Don Reimal receiving a jersey with his name on it.

When the Missouri Comets were first announced, there was a new logo used. The team found out they could use the old logo after all and put it to a fan vote. As can be seen on the backdrop, the old logo won. I am told it won overwhelmingly.

Inside the arena the screen was showing highlights of the old Comets while the Comets logo scrolled around in lights.

Throughout the press conference and the conversations with team officials, it was consistently mentioned that they will try to revive and honor the traditions of the original Comets. They want to make is as much of an event and as exciting as possible. The original Comets theme song "Midnight Express" was playing throughout the arena and was even included on the media CD.

Interview with Comets GM Brian Watley and President Ed Scheetz. Watley discusses the search for a coach and building a team. He mentions they have interviewed 5 local coaches and the names I heard are people who most fans will already know. It sounds like there might be a couple candidates from outside of the area as well.

Go to the Missouri Comets website or call 816-478-BALL (2255) for info on season tickets.

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