Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pablo Esobar released?

The Star is reporting Pablo Escobar was released by the Kansas City Wizards. This was to make roster room for the recently acquired Shavar Thomas. Not a huge surprise. When I asked today why Escobar was not on the practice field I was told to to not expect him to be there anymore but nothing was being made official yet.

Also not a surprise considering Shavar Thomas was wearing Pablo's (now former) number at practice today.

It is still not being confirmed yet by the Wizards.

UPDATE: now confirmed

Shavar wearing #6...


  1. I think Pablo just needed more time to adjust.
    At least his salary was low and he has a team to go back to (since he was on-loan, I think). Good luck to Pablo.

    Still not sure what I think of the Shavar move though.

  2. And it only took seven starts to figure out he was worse than horrible.