Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wizards sign Greek defender

The Wizards have signed a Greek defender and I think his name is Nikos (Nick) Kounenakis. He had his greatest success and playing time playing for OFI Crete. I was not able to confirm the spelling but I am pretty sure he is the same guy.

The Wizards are likely waiting for his paperwork to clear before announcing it officials. It is not known what roster moves will be made to clear room for adding Nick.

Nick at a recent practice...


  1. As I posted on Twitter, Football Manager doesn't rate this guy. I know it's not the most scientific resource, but it is surprisingly consistent across the world. KC continues to sign well below par players....with the average in MLS about 105/200 CA (ability), this guy is 80/200. Diop was 65/200 and Rocastle 69/200. When you look at the chaff that is ar Beasley and Kostrov, it's clear that the KC FO hasn't been very discriminating with their signings. Even Smith was only rated at 90/200 though I'd suggest that one is on the low side. Chhetri the highest of the imports at 105.

    Obviously, as the FM Head Researcher, I put a decent amoutn of weight in this!

  2. Thad - what does this guy look like during practice? Being 32 I expect he might jump up past Besler on the depth chart and be ready to go if Shavar or Jimmy cannot.

  3. @George - I have only seen him in a couple scrimmages. He has been doing some fitness stuff but nothing too hard. He looked okay in the little I saw.

  4. Aljarov, how much of FM takes into account what league the guy is currently playing in? When you're looking to Crete, 5th division England, and elsewhere I am also skeptical, but Rocastle is better than his former club's status would predict.