Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wizards Stadium: Reality vs Model (part 2)

Continuing the tour around the stadium/model.

The southern most corner next to the stage/scoreboard end.

Unique architecture and seating in this corner as well. Some of the roof detail can be seen in this photo.

The southeast side? - We need a name for each set of stands for easier reference. I will have to work on some suggestions.

The southeast side - The Cauldron wraparound can be easily seen here in the model.

The Cauldron Club Corner.

The Cauldron Club can be seen, flags on the roof. I wonder if the teams will face the Cauldron Club for the National Anthem. The Cauldron seating is the entire end and wraps around the corner on to the side.

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  1. Supporter section (North Stand) - Hillcrest End
    Main Stand (West Stand)- Heineman Stand
    South End - Hunt End
    East Stand - Heart of America Stand