Friday, July 23, 2010

Wizards Stadium: Reality vs Model (part 4)

More details of the model (no reality in this post).

Overall view of the stadium

Check out the score on the big screen (nice touch Mr Ficklin)

Roof details - the two types of roofing material can be seen in this view. The roof starts below the truss and the clear portion of the roof above the truss.

Roof and northern entrance details.

West side entrance details

Ticket booth or another entrance?

Cauldron Corner entrance

Show your ticket

Up the ramp

Turn at the top

And see the field....

More shots of the stadium model.

Now that we have good views of the stadium model and the stadium being built it gives a good understanding of what the new stadium will be like. Let me know what questions remains about the stadium and I will try to get htem answered next week.


  1. Cool.....Thanks for the overview! It helps me imagine what it's going to be like.

  2. I didn't see an omelette station *anywhere*.

  3. I wonder about the parking and tailgate area? Where, how, etc?

  4. Where exactly is the Cauldron going to be?