Thursday, August 19, 2010

Alex Horwath called up to San Jose

Alex Horwath stopping a shot in practice...

Major League Soccer pool goalkeeper Alex Horwath has been called up to San Jose. Earthquakes keeper Joe Cannon broke his ankle in practice on Tuesday so they have requested a pool keeper to backup Jon Busch. Cannon had returned as a starter for the game against Kansas City after Busch had recently struggled and had let in an own goal. Cannon will be out 6-8 weeks. It is unknown how long Horwath will be called up.

Horwath played at University of Wisconsin. He trained with the Wizards last summer while playing for the Kansas City Brass. This year he was signed as a pool keeper but trains with the Wizards.

Alex is a good keeper and should do well if he is needed. Good luck Alex.

I talked with Horwath yesterday before he departed for San Jose.

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