Friday, August 27, 2010

Kansas City WPS expansion team update

In one section of an SI.Com article from the 11th, Jeff Kassouf mentioned several cities that were potential expansion candidates for the Women's Professional Soccer league. He mentioned Dallas, Los Angeles and Seattle as the most likely candidates but he also went on to name some more:

"Other areas that have had at least preliminary talks include Denver, Vancouver, San Diego, Ontario, Miami and Kansas City, where a group is interested in bringing a team to the new Wizards Stadium that is set to open next year."

I spoke with Executive Vice President Greg Cotton about the possibilities of OnGoal bringing a WPS team to Kansas City. Greg told me that Ongoal has not talked with WPS recently. The last conversation was approximately 2 years ago or maybe a little longer.

"If WPS came to Kansas City, we’d love to host them in our stadium. OnGoal supports women’s soccer at all levels, but at this time we are not actively looking to own a WPS team."

Other potential WPS owners in the Kansas City area have not made themselves known publicly.

The WPS currently consists of 7 teams: Atlanta Beat, Boston Breakers, Chicago Red Stars, FC Gold Pride, Philadelphia Independence, Sky Blue FC and Washington Freedom. The Los Angeles Sol ceased operations in the off season when a buyer could not be found and the St. Louis Athletica folded durng the season in May.

St. Louis folding was more a case of bad investors and financial mismanagement than anything. The attendance dropped off from the first year but was not bad compared to the league.

WPS Chief Operating Officer Mary Harvey stand by as Commissioner Tonya Antonucci addresses the first WPS draft.


  1. Thank you very much for the update...great scoop!

  2. Yes - Thanks for following this issue. It would be great having a WPS team here in KC.

  3. I am trying to find out if there is another potential owner group around.