Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Omar Bravo and Dayro Moreno reports

There have been reports about Omar Bravo and Dayro Moreno in connection with the Wizards. I have been wanting to get some clear information about them before posting and this is what I have found out so far.

Dayro Moreno:

On the record - The Wizards have communicated with him but have not been in discussions with him yet.

Sources say - that status could change soon (as soon as this afternoon)

Omar Bravo:

On the record - the Wizards and Bravo have been in discussions but nothing concrete

Sources say - Bravo will be a Wizard, the only question remaining is when. Next week or next year.

Xxxxxx Xxxxxx:

On the record - the Wizards are continuing to look at additional players right now

Sources say - KC is not stopping at one DP if they find the right guy(s). Another DP level player is being sought. I can not reveal the name but it would be interesting.

Coach and others within the organization are being careful about how they say things right now because multiple communications/discussions/negotiations are ongoing.

The new stadium will likely see some interesting new players when it opens...


  1. Thad- Can you give any clues about the name(s) you know of? I am dying to know!

  2. I wish I could. the last name I heard was someone that we all have seen play. I will ask if I can disclose any of the names they are not looking at anymore.

  3. D. Beasley?

    Eddie Johnson coming back?

  4. Is it your impression that signing at least 1 DP is likely this summer or is it more likely to happen in January?

    Your insight into this kind of stuff is much appreciated by fans like me who have no "sources" of our own.

  5. @Nathan - I think they want to sign a DP this summer but only if it is the right player. They do not want to sign a DP just to have a DP.

    I would not be surprised if we have a DP next week and I would not be surprised if we do not.

    I wish I had better answer for you...

  6. All right, that's probably the right approach but like a little kid at Christmas, I want my presents now.

    Thanks for the color.