Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who will not be a Wizards DP (at least this year)

Wizards fans have watched with great interest as other teams have signed Designated Players during the latest transfer window. Some names have surfaced like Gudjohnsen, Bravo and now Appiah. I did my best to find out some of the players that the Wizards were looking at to be a DP.

The Wizards had interest in these players as potential DP's but do not now:

Eidur Gudjohnsen - a contract was offered but he is no longer on the short list

Harry Kewell - not sure how serious or close it was but there was interest, Kewell signed a one year extension with Galatasaray

Raúl Tamudo - Wizards were looking at him but it appears that he signed a one year contract with Real Sociedad

There were other players on the possible DP target board but I'm not sure who they are or what the status is.

As mentioned, Bravo and Appiah are still potential (likely in the case of Bravo) but I think there might still be a player or two on the list that we do not know.

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