Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kempin signs as Wizards first homegrown player

Jon Kempin training with the senior team

The Kansas City Wizards are the latest team to take advantage of the new Homegrown Player Rule in MLS. Jon Kempin made Wizards history when he signed his contract yesterday. Kempin plays for the Wizards Junior U18 team and would have played for Blue Valley North as a Senior. Kempin has also been part of the U18 National team.

As part of the Homegrown Player program, Kempin is considered a Generation Adidas player. Generation Adidas players are players who leave college early or skip college completely. Money is set aside for the player to attend college for up to ten years. Salary also does not count against the team salary cap.

This is a good signing for both Kansas City and Kempin. Kansas City locks in a keeper who could grow into the franchise keeper over time and adds another local face to promote the team. Kempin gets to train with the senior team, gaining experience from Jimmy Nielsen, Eric Kronberg and Coach Pascarella while facing MLS caliber players daily. He is already a mature and knowledgeable player for his age but training with the senior team will just escalate the speed of his development.

Kempin has a lot of talent but it also shows that the Wizards Juniors program is paying dividends. Credit to Coach Parry and Coach Pardo for helping to develop Kempin.

Kempin and his family happily posing with his jersey...

Kempin and some of his (now) former team mates...

Kempin and one of his new team mates (Jimmy Nielsen)

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