Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Comets and Nike

The Comets announced they have entered into an agreement with Nike to become the Official Apparel and Equipment Supplier.

“Nike has a long history of excellence in the sport of soccer, and our affiliation with the Nike Swoosh will only enhance the overall image of our team,” said head coach, Kim Roentved. “Nike’s support speaks volumes about the value they see in our team and the value that they place on soccer in Kansas City.”

Now we need to see what the uniforms will look like...


  1. and we need to see who we are signing and bringing in. any more news on recent signings?

  2. No official news. I have heard a few rumors but nothing confirmed. I am pretty sure we will hear multiple signings shortly.

  3. what rumors have you heard? which players?

  4. Sorry Anon, I do not normally post rumors. I need some confirmation of facts before I post it.

  5. its ok,totally understand. Omaha is signing players left and right. Hope we hear announcements soon.

  6. So if single game tickets go on sale tomorrow as announced...why has only one game been scheduled?

    Did Philadelphia indeed collapse? Rockford too? Can you play a season with four teams?

    Lots of questions with less than a month until the season opener.