Friday, October 15, 2010

MISL news - Philly and Monterrey out, Chicago in

According to sources that wish to remain anonymous, the Philadelphia Kixx will not be playing this year after all. The Monterrey La Raza has also suspended operations this year, reportedly because of the terrific hurricane damage the city suffered recently.

The Rockford Rampage has also ceased but it has been replaced by a team in Chicago that has at least some of the same players as Rockford. Not sure how much it will be the same team or not.

Active MISL Teams:

Missouri Comets - new this year
Omaha Vipers - new this year
Baltimore Blast
Milwaukee Wave
Chicago XXXX - (formerly Rockford Rampage? Or somehow related?)

Non-Active MISL teams:
Monterrey La Raza
Philadelphia Kixx

MISL will again go with 5 teams. There will be 2 new, 2 established and 1 part old/part new team. While it is obvious that still only having a 5 team league is not optimal, they are making the best of it at the moment. I have also heard there is commitment for at least a couple additional teams next year.


  1. Well we finally have a partial schedule, at least all the home dates now.

  2. Wow didn't see that coming. I like the Chicago deal though.

  3. Way to break the story. Could have expected Laraza to not play after the Hurricane.