Thursday, October 7, 2010

Missouri Comets Invitational tryouts - Day 1

Talked with Coach Roentved after day 1 of the tryout...

Former Wizards keeper and current Wizards Junior Coach Boris Pardo making a save...

Joshua Schreck making a save. Schreck played for the Kansas City Kings and looked comfortable there...

Pardo coming out of the box to defend. Boris looked good in goal and out of it..

I will post more later today if people are interested...


  1. more pics , im interested

  2. More pics...any interviews with the players?

  3. I did not get any player interviews yet. I hope to get a couple from guys who were at the tryouts over the next few days. I have already talked about getting the players who were signed when they get into town.

  4. More Pictures of players. Some interviews would be cool as well.

  5. Indoor Fan, was just emailed this site. Any pictures or interviews would be cool of the comets.