Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Major Kansas City Soccer Announcement

There is a "Major Kansas City Soccer Announcement" tomorrow at the Power and Light district at 5:30 PM.

I think most fans and certainly most of the die hard fans have heard the rumors that the team will be renamed soon. Plenty of rumors swirling around and we have discussed them on the podcast numerous times.

Sporting Kansas City will certainly be introduced as the new official team name. This leaves room for the fans to call the team by unofficial nicknames like teams in other countries do now. Should they/will they still be called the Wizards by fans? With the team's current and historical colors, maybe the Blues? Other nicknames?

The teams newest and the first DP in Sporting Kansas City's history will be there. Omar Bravo will be introduced and I bet that he will be sporting the new jersey so fans can see what that looks like.

There is also false reporting from Fox 4 and 96.5 The Buzz that fans have been told to not wear Wizards gear to the announcement. This is not true. Nowhere in the emails or Facebook page did the team state that. I have also talked to multiple Front Office people and they all have said those reports are false (some more colorful language than that was used by a couple). Wear Wizards gear to the announcement, show your support for the team, past, present and future.

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