Sunday, November 14, 2010

Missouri Comets 9 - 20 Milwaukee Wave

Dzilic's shot trickles into the goal after Wave keeper Nick Vorberg was unable to hold onto the shot...

For the record and the trivia contests in the future, Mirsad Dzilic scored the first goal and Stefan Stokic got the first assist. Leo Gibson scored the first three point goal for the Comets. Jamar Beasley added the other two goals to be their first multiple goal scorer.

Nate Houser was not at the game because his Baker Women were playing William Jewell for the Heart of America Athletic Conference Championship. Baker defeated Jewell 2-1. Congrats to Coach Houser but his leadership and experience was sorely missed.

Jamar Beasley scored two goals despite just signing with the team the day before. Beasley was released by the Wizards the same day he signed with the Comets but had not practiced with the Wizards for a couple weeks because of personal issues. He only had one practice with the team but it is obvious he is a good, experienced indoor player.

Beasley's second goal...

Goalkeeper Danny Waltman at times looked a little shaky with some of his passes and a little indecisive. I can not lay much blame on him though because his defense was inconsistent. Waltman did make some great saves. At times playing well but at other times it showed that none of the defenders had ever started a professional indoor game previously.

Leo Gibson was a bright spot playing well all game. The Comets should improve greatly over the next few weeks. When Tiguinho joins the team, Houser being with the Comets and not his college team and Beasely having a chance to practice with the team and more practice for everyone should all contribute to a higher level of play. I heard the Comets have signed another player that had been trialing with the Wizards but that has not been confirmed yet.

Overall is was a fun night. Fast indoor action, laser show, Midnight Express playing and enthusiastic crowd made for a good debut despite the score.

Next up is the Omaha Vipers which should be a much better test as they are both expansion teams this year.

More photos...

Post game laser show...


  1. when is tighino supposed to playing with the comets? also where was Shahryar Dastan? he was at the fan fest but was not at the first game.

  2. Apparently Tighino was still working out visa issues and Dastan got hurt in a scrimmage the Tuesday before the first game. Both are supposed to be available Friday.

  3. Thad -

    Photo's look awesome. Lazer show look is great. I was sick and couldn't attend the game, so your photo's and interviews are highly appreciated!

    Great work by the Comets and yourself.