Monday, November 22, 2010

Peter Vermes interview 11/18

I stopped and talked with Coach Vermes last week. The interview covered a lot so I broke it into three main subjects.

Part 1
Vermes talks about the recent scouting trip to Europe. He says there are a couple guys they feel they are pretty close to. They will be going on more scouting trips, one to South America and another one to Europe.

There had already been reports of a scouting trip to Trinidad and Tobago but those reports did not tell the whole story. Sporting Kansas City is holding their first ever combine in Trinidad. They are pulling players from around the Caribbean, South America and Africa. Right now they expect between 35-60 players but he says there are more and more wanting to attend. they expect this to just be the first.

The staff is much further ahead from a scouting perspective than previous years

Part 2
Coach Vermes talks about the re-branding, he also talks about it from the point of view of a player who won a championship under the previous name as well...

Part 3
Vermes talks about Omar Bravo, what Bravo brings to the team, why now is the right time for Bravo to come to MLS, the complications with the new CBA and Teal's debut with the US team...


  1. Was Vermes' "long offseason" comment alluding to the MLS schedule change from March-October to August-May??

    Your attempts at bringing humor into the convo were not lost on me. Can't say the same for PV. Lighten up, Pete!

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