Monday, November 15, 2010

Robb Heineman interview - 11/10/2010

Talked with Robb last week. This was before the "Major Kansas City Soccer Announcement" was scheduled. It is pretty obvious that the Kansas City Wizards are evolving into Sporting Kansas City or Kansas City Sporting Club soon.

Part 1 - Robb talks about the past season, improvements under Vermes, the Juniors, Omar Bravo, the player the have targeted to sign and a little more...

Part 2 - Robb talks about the stadium progress, the first game targeted for June 9th, Robb's favorite parts of the stadium, the schedule for the long road trip to start season, the business side, re-branding, kit sponsorship, explaining the rebrand to fans when they announce the new name and 1 secret...


  1. Excellent interview.

    One can criticize the rebrand, but they definitely cannot criticize the team and Robb for a lack of thoughtfulness. They know that success on the field is the only way for them to have success off it in this smaller, less soccer savvy market.

    I am hoping that this discovery signee is as good as a Ryan Smith, Stephane Auvary.

  2. Agreed Nathan, can't say I agree with every decision but I have no doubt they put a lot of thought into it.