Saturday, December 11, 2010

Missouri Comets interviews - 12/10

The Comets travel to Baltimore for a game tonight and then on to Chicago for a game on Sunday.

Team Captain Nate Houser will play his first game this weekend. He will be paired with veteran Jeff Davis to give some much needed experience and stability to the Comets lineup. Houser missed games when his college team went to the Conference and National tournaments and with a muscle pull.

Former Kansas City Wizard Boris Pardo will also get his first start this weekend in Chicago if everything goes according to plan.

Coach Roentved talks about the games this weekend, how far the team has come and more...

Jamar Beasley talks about being back to playing indoor and the team...

Beasley scoring in the home opener...

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  1. It sucks Boris didn't get to play last Sunday in Chicago. I was looking forward to seeing him play.

    Can you find out if he's going to play this sunday instead.