Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Peter Vermes Interview 12/13

I talked with Sporting Kansas City's Technical Director and Head Coach Peter Vermes earlier this week. I am posting most of the video here but also giving as some of the info from each segment in writing a well.

In Part 1 Coach Vermes talks about the combine Sporting Kansas City held in Trinidad. They had over 50 players attend from as far away as Europe. Foreign slots will be a concern with bringing in players and the expanded roster size. Teams are allowed 8 foreign player slots and SKC has 9. The extra foreign player slot is from a trade with DC last year. Any additional foreign players brought in will likely be impact players with the possibility of maybe 1 or 2 development level players.

At the combine they found some players they are interested in and were added to the discovery list:
Daneil Cyrus - Trinidad National Team, has played for their youth system, he is a 6' 3" defender

Sheldon Bateau - played for the Trinidad youth team and is on verge of breaking into the full team

There is a 3rd player that he did not want to disclose the name yet

On the scouting trip to Portugal, Sweden and Denmark they were able to see most of the players they were interested in and they are talking with a few of them.

Aurelien Collin has been reported as a possible target, Vermes said he is good but his contract runs till June and they need someone in January.

When asked about the young DP (by skill, not name) that Robb mentioned. Vermes replied, yes they are talking to a few of those type players. They are just not a point where they can open up about who they are. Notice the smile when he answers that question. Makes me think they have someone good lined up.

Peter Vermes Interview Part 1

In Part 2, Peter Vermes talks about why they keep quiet about players they are looking at and talking with. He also runs through all the drafts and waivers that are taking place, how busy they are and how difficult it would be to keep fans updated during this period. Worth listening to see what they are contending with.

Peter Vermes Interview Part 2

Part 3
Harrington - We have had discussions, we have every intent in the world to sign him, we have no intent to trade him. The ball is in their court.
The young DP Robb had mentioned would be an attacking type players.
Conrad and Wolff - at that time the list of players for round 2 of the re-entry draft had not been determined. Vermes said that IF the circumstance were right they would highly consider having them back.
There are a couple guys that are interesting that may be available in the 2nd round
Of all those players that went into the draft, only two were taken. The market said to everyone else that your price tag is too high.

Peter Vermes Interview Part 3

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