Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Will John interview

This interview is from a couple weeks ago after a Comets practice. At that time Will was training with the Comets to stay in shape. I wanted to talk to him since he was a local guy and had played with the Wizards for awhile. I had meant to post the interview during the holidays on a slow day, but his signing with the Comets yesterday meant I needed to post sooner rather than later.

I hope to get a quick interview with him today to talk about the signing and loan agreement. In the interview I asked him if he could sign with the Comets on a loan and he thought his team in Croatia would not like that. When I asked a team official about that yesterday, the response was that "Coach Roentved is well respected in a lot of places". I took that to mean that Coach was able to convince the team to make the short term loan.

I do not know the whole story about when he left the Wizards but I do know there was some animosity and hurt feelings at the time. There were some things said on both sides that are not usually said publicly. I think it is clear in the interview that he wants to say more but does not think it is a good time. Perhaps it will never be a good time to talk more about it.

Part 1

Will John talks about where he has been playing, possible transfers, languages he speaks, going to Europe and how that affected his growth as a player, people he has learned from, styles of play

Part 2

Will John talks about the drive to keep playing, coaching, talks a bit about the time in Kansas City and when he left and teams in Croatia


  1. Wow impressive guy. This interview and the PV interview (2part session) where both really well done Thad.

  2. Great interview, thanks for doing this. Will seems like a good guy.