Friday, February 12, 2010

Casino Jimmy

The Wizards will not confirm they have signed "Casino Jimmy" Nielsen until all the paperwork is complete, the medical is passed and the visa is approved but it is pretty obvious by now. It has been reported in several Danish sources and Robb Heineman tweeting "please welcome casino jimmy" last night was a bit of a clue.

It is increasingly clear that Hartman will not be back. Many of us have speculated that Kevin would not return when the team had Louis Crayton and Ian Walker in camp but now that they have signed Casino Jimmy, fans are truly coming to grips with one of their favorites not returning.

Fans are wondering if this is a good move but it is too early to tell. His style of play (strengths and weaknesses) seems to be much like Kevin and many who have seen him play think he is a remarkable goalie. I will reserve judgment until I have seen him play.

Jimmy Nielsen earned the "Casino" nickname when he got into trouble going to a casino to gamble while he was with the Denmark U-21 team. Some later gambling debt issues did not help erase that nickname either.

Should the Wizards take advantage of his nickname and reputation?

A new promotion could be Casino night at the Wizards. Roulette wheels, slot machines and poker tables around the concourse. They could attract a new crowd to the game, of course they would not be watching the game unless it was to bet...

Perhaps they could get Harrah's, Ameristar or the new Hollywood Casino at the Speedway as a shirt sponsor? Cross promotions with the gamblers just down the street could be profitable...

A new catch phrase for Sean Wheelock could be "JACKPOT" when the Wizards score or CRAPS when Casino Jimmy lets one go by. A new meaning to chipping the keeper would surely be in the works as well...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jimmy Nielsen signed by Kansas City

It is being reported that Jimmy Nielsen has signed with the Kansas City Wizards. I will try to confirm this later today.

Thanks to a tip on Big Soccer.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wizards waive Mckenzie and other pre-season roster moves

The Kansas City Wizards waived defender Rauwshan McKenzie over the weekend (as noted in the previous post). Defender Ofori Sarkodie, midfielder Eric Gehrig and forward Kyle Brown were also trimmed from the preseason roster this weekend.

McKenzie was a 4th round pick in 2008 and started 5 games for the Wizards in 2009.

Sarkodie was a 4th round pick in 2010.

Gehrig and Brown were tryout invitees.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kansas City Wizards 5 - 0 Arizona Sahuaros

Update: The team will be putting a post up later today but I was told that some of the information that I provided was incorrect.

The last goal was scored by Casian, not Pizzaro. Escobar is not there yet so he was not the one that got a red card. The unknown defender was not McKenzie, he has been waived.

Kansas City defeated the Arizona Sahuaros in the Wizards first preseason game. Kansas City played 3 full teams for 30 minutes each. The first team scored 4 goals and the third team added one as well.

Thanks to Dennis St. Lawrence for providing these details.

The goals were as follows:
6:00 – Wolff - Wizards played a short corner from Espinoza to Arnaud and
back to Espinoza who crossed it into Wolff who headed it in.
9:00 – Wolff – Zoltan sent a nice ball in the middle which Wolff one-timed
10:00 – Zoltan – Fuzetti had a nice assist
16:00 – Fuzetti scored pounding a ball in from the back side.
77:00 – Pizzaro – diving header from the left side

Here were the line-ups for each thirty minutes:
GK – Crayton
Leathers, Conrad, Holbein, Harrington
Arnaud, trialist X, Fuzetti, Espinoza
Wolff, Zoltan

Zoltan looked really good, and Wolff was finishing. There were
several bad passes (poor decisions) by veterans, that would have cost
us if playing a higher level team.

30-60 Minutes:
GK – Alex Horwrath
??? (possibly McKenzie), Cardenas, Besler, Aiyegbusi
Casian, Auvray, Hirsig, Smith
Bunbury, Kamara

The second group just did not seem to all be on the same page and both
Kei and Teal appeared to be frustrated – really not many opportunities
to show themselves. Cardenas played well on defense with that group as
did Besler. Smith made some good runs and Casian showed potential.

60-90 Minutes:
GK – Boris Pardo
Kostrov, Sarkodie, Gehring, Escobar?
Zusi, Myer, Souter, Pizarro
Kraus, Brown
I think it was Zusi created the play that Pizarro scored on. Escobar
was red-carded for a rough tackle in the 80th minute. This group did
created scoring chances.

Morsink was nursing some injury so did not play.

It was in the 60’s and rained some during the middle and end of the game.
It was evident that it was early in the season and that they have not
played together much.