Friday, February 19, 2010

Wizards Stadium Construction Update- 2/18/10

There are a lot of steps in making the dreamed Wizards Stadium finally come true.

Getting approval from the Unified Government of Kansas City Kansas - check
Ceremonial President of Wizards digging dirt - check
Real moving of dirt - check
Concrete being pored - CHECK

That's right, some concrete has already been poured according to my highly placed and highly reliable source. The holes for piers that they have been drilling are not just sitting there empty. They have been filled with metal (rebar) and concrete.

I did not know this when I visited on Wednesday, but it seems that another milestone had been reached.

I will do my best to get inside there early next week so I can obtain photographic proof that concrete is in the ground. It is also my understanding that concrete retaining walls will be going up in the next few days as well.

This is one of the holes for a pier being drilled on Wednesday...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wizards stadium construction photos - 2/17/10

I stopped by the construction site yesterday. I should have called ahead (sorry about that) so I was unable to go inside. One benefit of showing up unannounced is I got to talk to several workers without the "suits" being there.

I was told that they have been given an aggressive schedule for completion and they are a little ahead of that now.

One Wizards official I spoke to last night said this will be the fastest built Soccer Specific Stadium other than the Columbus Crew stadium (which is a completely different style).

A few photos of my visit. Since I could not go inside, all of these shots are from outside the fences. I plan on stopping by to get more shots from the inside soon.

A lot of dirt is being moved across State street...


moving dirt out...

coming back for more...

The other side of State street...

Drilling the holes for the piers...

The little stakes with yellow-green flgs on them in the middle of the photo is the back side of the west stands. The one a little closer is where the Cauldron end and the West stands meet...

More photos can be found here...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wizards training - 2/17/2010

Some of the Wizards are in back in Kansas City for a few days. Players were free to go see families or take care of things as needed. The players in town showed up for a more or less "voluntary" conditioning session.

A couple shots from practice yesterday.

Finishing up an interval run...

Newly resigned Eric Kronberg and trialist Louis Crayton...

Vermes interview - 2/17/2010

Peter talks about the next phase of training (the Team phase), status of various players and the effect of the CBA not being settled on putting together the team.

Eric Kronberg signed

Eric Kronberg is signed and in camp training.

Igor Kostrov update

As of this morning, Igor Kostrov had not signed. He has been offered a contract and it is expected he will sign.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Igor Kostrov signed by Kansas City Wizards?

While I was reporting on Korede Aiyegbusi signing, Ives was tweeting Igor Kostrov has signed as well. I had heard that he had signed but had not had confirmation on that yet.

Igor is one of the two Moldovans trying out with the Wizards.

It seems like there is one more international slot to sign in the near future.

Korede Aiyegbusi signed by the Wizards

Rumor is that the Wizards second round pick, Korede Aiyegbusi has been signed.I have not seen him play in person but I have heard good things about him from multiple sources.

I have also heard that a couple other players have signed but I am waiting some confirmation before I say there names.

I have also heard that will be some additional roster cuts soon. All to be expected.

I will update the roster tomorrow with all the moves that have been made.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Peter Vermes interview - 2/13/10

I checked in with Peter Vermes after the preseason game with San Jose. The Wizards lost 1-0 on an early (2nd minute) goal by Eduardo.

Some highlights from the interview:

Coach Vermes said the team was "gassed". The team had been going through high volume of training the last two weeks and the team was feeling the effects of it. San Jose came out with high pressure and Kansas City was just not ready for it.

Peter did confirm that Jimmy Nielsen has been signed and is awaiting medical and approval of the P1 visa.

He also reiterated that they had tried to sign Hartman but were unable to come to terms after long negotiations and they needed to sign a keeper or two.

When asked about the other keepers that did not play Saturday, he replied that Walker is gone and Crayton is still around and has done very well.

Kronberg has a deal on the table and we should be finding out soon if he wants to come back in or not.

Peter said that trialist Ryan Smith is doing well and slowly getting acclimated to the way we play and it is good that we had two games against San Jose because he got to see what games against another MLS team would be like. He is definitely under consideration right now.

Listen to the interview here