Friday, July 23, 2010

Wizards Stadium: Reality vs Model (part 4)

More details of the model (no reality in this post).

Overall view of the stadium

Check out the score on the big screen (nice touch Mr Ficklin)

Roof details - the two types of roofing material can be seen in this view. The roof starts below the truss and the clear portion of the roof above the truss.

Roof and northern entrance details.

West side entrance details

Ticket booth or another entrance?

Cauldron Corner entrance

Show your ticket

Up the ramp

Turn at the top

And see the field....

More shots of the stadium model.

Now that we have good views of the stadium model and the stadium being built it gives a good understanding of what the new stadium will be like. Let me know what questions remains about the stadium and I will try to get htem answered next week.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wizards Stadium: Reality vs Model (part 3)

Northern corner - in between the Cauldron end and the main stand

Northern Corner - suites and seats

The player side - the bench area flanks the tunnel

The player side (flipped view angle from the above photo)

Looking across the stadium from the Cauldron Corner

Looking across the stadium from the Cauldron Corner

Next post will be little details found in the model...

Wizards Stadium: Reality vs Model (part 2)

Continuing the tour around the stadium/model.

The southern most corner next to the stage/scoreboard end.

Unique architecture and seating in this corner as well. Some of the roof detail can be seen in this photo.

The southeast side? - We need a name for each set of stands for easier reference. I will have to work on some suggestions.

The southeast side - The Cauldron wraparound can be easily seen here in the model.

The Cauldron Club Corner.

The Cauldron Club can be seen, flags on the roof. I wonder if the teams will face the Cauldron Club for the National Anthem. The Cauldron seating is the entire end and wraps around the corner on to the side.

Wizards Stadium: Reality vs Model (part 1)

I was able to take some photos of the Wizards stadium model yesterday and wanted to share them. The model shots are paired up with photos taken last week at the stadium construction site. I would have liked to take the cover off the model but was not allowed to so some of the shots are not as nice as I would like.

Roof truss - this is the first roof truss to go up on the stadium. We are looking roughly southwest towards kansas speedway.

Roof truss - all the roof trusses along the roof. Can't wait to get that shot for real.

The corner between the side with all the suites and the stage end

The model of that corner from another angle

The stage/scoreboard end - you can see the roof support beams get shorter as the go along

The stage/scoreboard end - On the model you can see the scoreboard and the slope of the roof

Part 2 will be online soon...

Podcast: Byline 2 Backpost - 7/21/2010

The latest podcast:

We discuss the All Star roster,the Sal Zizzo lottery, Nick Kounenakis, the Colorado game and upcoming friendly with Manchester United Game...

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Nick Kounenakis

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wizards sign Greek defender

The Wizards have signed a Greek defender and I think his name is Nikos (Nick) Kounenakis. He had his greatest success and playing time playing for OFI Crete. I was not able to confirm the spelling but I am pretty sure he is the same guy.

The Wizards are likely waiting for his paperwork to clear before announcing it officials. It is not known what roster moves will be made to clear room for adding Nick.

Nick at a recent practice...