Friday, August 6, 2010

Podcast: Byline 2 Backpost - 8/4/2010

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We discuss the All Star game, Rebranding the Wizards, Player rumors, Toronto game, upcoming game with Salt Lake a little bit more

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Sunil Chhetri (on loan to the Indian National Team) and Santiago Hirsig (no longer with the team)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who will not be a Wizards DP (at least this year)

Wizards fans have watched with great interest as other teams have signed Designated Players during the latest transfer window. Some names have surfaced like Gudjohnsen, Bravo and now Appiah. I did my best to find out some of the players that the Wizards were looking at to be a DP.

The Wizards had interest in these players as potential DP's but do not now:

Eidur Gudjohnsen - a contract was offered but he is no longer on the short list

Harry Kewell - not sure how serious or close it was but there was interest, Kewell signed a one year extension with Galatasaray

Raúl Tamudo - Wizards were looking at him but it appears that he signed a one year contract with Real Sociedad

There were other players on the possible DP target board but I'm not sure who they are or what the status is.

As mentioned, Bravo and Appiah are still potential (likely in the case of Bravo) but I think there might still be a player or two on the list that we do not know.

Wizards interested in Stephen Appiah

EXTREMELY good sources have confirmed that the Wizards are very interested in doing a deal with Ghanaian international Stephen Appiah. Apparently another team had a discovery claim on Appiah but had not even looked at him but are now blocking the Wizards from completing the deal.

Dayro Moreno deal is off...

At least for now, the rumored deal for Dayro Moreno is off. The Wizards had discussions with the relevant parties yesterday and when the team refused to budge off the initial request the Wizards quickly lost interest.

He could surface again as a target if the deal was right.

Aaron Hohlbein loaned to Miami FC

The Kansas City Wizards announced Thursday that central defender Aaron Hohlbein has been loaned to Miami FC of the USSF D-2 Pro League for the remainder of the 2010 season. The team had 5 central defenders on the roster with the recently added Nick Kounenakis.

Coach Vermes commented, "With the extra guys at that position it was going to be difficult for Aaron to get some time in there, Aaron needs games if he is going to grow as a player. "

"A few teams have inquired about players on our team and were also interested to see if we were willing to loan anybody out. Fernando Clavijo called and I told him we were willing to loan out Aaron" Vermes added.

Coach Vermes also explained about working out the deal, Hohlbein will start the remaining 11 games for Miami FC.

This loan gives the Wizards an open roster spot but does not affect cap space.

Good luck in Miami Aaron.

Aaron scoring a goal against New England last year...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DC United fires Onalfo

DC United fired Coach Onalfo yesterday. He is being replaced on an interim basis by assistant Ben Olsen. Coach Olsen only recently retired from playing and was a fan favorite in DC.

Onalfo took over in DC eight months ago bringing along friend and assistant coach Kris Kelderman with him. Onalfo also later picked up Kurt Morsink after the Wizards released him and traded for Adam Cristman from the Wizards.

Onalfo compiled a 3-12-3 record in his time as the head coach of United. His first loss was a devastating 4-0 defeat at the hands of his former team in Kansas City. Of course at the time his excuse was that the team was not ready to play. Probably not the way to start off the new job.

Think they gave him enough time or was he doomed with the roster? Think he will be an assistant in LA in the near future?

I would like to wish Curt good luck at his next job.

Onalfo after the 4-0 loss in Kansas City...

Omar Bravo and Dayro Moreno reports

There have been reports about Omar Bravo and Dayro Moreno in connection with the Wizards. I have been wanting to get some clear information about them before posting and this is what I have found out so far.

Dayro Moreno:

On the record - The Wizards have communicated with him but have not been in discussions with him yet.

Sources say - that status could change soon (as soon as this afternoon)

Omar Bravo:

On the record - the Wizards and Bravo have been in discussions but nothing concrete

Sources say - Bravo will be a Wizard, the only question remaining is when. Next week or next year.

Xxxxxx Xxxxxx:

On the record - the Wizards are continuing to look at additional players right now

Sources say - KC is not stopping at one DP if they find the right guy(s). Another DP level player is being sought. I can not reveal the name but it would be interesting.

Coach and others within the organization are being careful about how they say things right now because multiple communications/discussions/negotiations are ongoing.

The new stadium will likely see some interesting new players when it opens...