Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Comets 21 - 20 Omaha Vipers

The game was action packed. There were momentum swings, great saves, not so great saves, scuffles and the strangest winning goal I have seen in an indoor soccer game.

Omaha jumped out to a lead when Comets keeper Boris Pardo's pass was intercepted by Moojen who did not miss the wide open goal despite Pardo almost making it back in time. Missouri seized the momentum with goals by Alvarez and Harding to end up leading 4-2 after one.

The second quarter belonged to Omaha. Johnny Torres opened the scoring just 7 seconds into the quarter. The Comets Leo Gibson scored to take the lead back but it was only momentary. Ryan Junge hit a 3 pointer and Carlos "Chile" Farias added a 2 pointer and a 3 pointer of his own to lead 12 - 6 at the half.

It did not look good for the Comets when the Vipers came out and scored another goal just a minute and a half into the third but the Comets were resolved to fight there way back into the game. Alvarez, Rodriguez and Assadpour all scored to close the gap to 14-12 after three.

Omaha's player coach Marcelo Fontana scored and Sandri Silva added another to extend the Vipers lead.

The Comets would not surrender quietly though. Jamar Beasley scored twice, one on the power play and Alvarez rounded out his hat trick to tie the game at 18.
The Vipers started pressing trying to win the game but the Comets were playing a high pressure defense. The Vipers Fabinho had the ball near midfield when Beasley pressured him, Fabinho turned and passed the ball back to his keeper Jose Bontti. The problem was that Bontti had moved up the field and the pass back headed straight for the goal. Bonti was not able to get back in time so Fabinho scored a 3 point own goal. The offical scorers gave the goal to Jamar Beasley but it did not look like he touched it.

Omaha did add another goal by Torres with the sixth attacker on the field but it was only a 2 pointer leaving the home team a point short.

Observations and Notes:

This was the highest scoring game of the season

The last game between these teams was the lowest scoring game of the season

Game settled by an own goal, a 3 point goal

The easy goal given up early by the Comets for 2 points - 3 point own goal by Omaha- game decided by 1 point. Vipers mistake cost them just that little bit more to lose the game.
These two teams have played four times, twice in each city. Both teams have won both games on the road. No home field advantage between these teams.

Omaha seemed much less composed in this game. Bontti and one of his field players had to be separated while exchanging profanities.

Omaha Player/Coach Marcelo Fontana got into a scuffle after the game with a Comets player causing a gathering of both teams. Pushing, shoving and a few words were exchanged. I was told that Fontana was unhappy when a Comets player suggested he should have stayed coaching since he couldn't play very well.

Boris Pardo made his second start and notched his firstwin of his indoor career. With the exception of the stray pass at the begining and one goal that went past the wall and beat him near post, he played well.

Brian Harris and Lucas Rodriguez are quickly improving.

Full photo gallery

Bontti goes over Brunt and Moura to deflect ball out...

Bontti hurried back but was unable to stop the own goal...

The ref signals it is a 3 pointer...

A little post game meeting between the two teams...

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