Thursday, January 27, 2011

Comets Retro Night and Reunion Game

The Comets game on Friday, Jan 28th is Retro night. This year’s Comets team will be playing in replica jerseys of the iconic rainbow-striped uniforms worn during the team’s inaugural 1981-1982 season. The jerseys will then be auctioned-off immediately following the game, with proceeds benefiting the Dalton Burner Foundation. Brian Harris is a big supporter of Dalton and would greatly appreciate everyone's help.

The Game ball for the reunion game...

Coach Roentved and Comets President Brian Budznski talking while players Jamar Beasley and Leo Gibson model the retro jersey...

Gino Schiraldi and Jim Schwab with Scott Levinson (Comets Director of Sales & Marketing)

The Team Captain's for the Reunion game are Gino Schiraldi and Jim Schwab.

The Blue team:
0 Alan Mayer
1 Kevin Zimmerman
2 Gino Schiraldi
5 Jason Putthoff
7 Bob Bozada
14 Ted Eck
14 Kevin Handlan
20 Chirs Duke
22 Gordon Hill
24 Edmond Rugova

The White team:
3 Tim Clark
8 Robi Goff
9 Goran Hunjak
11 Jim Schwab
12 Emilio John
15 Doug Neely
16 Shane Steadman
17 Kia
18 Tom Knox
19 Drew Perkins
21 Warren Westcoat

Rumor is the teams are talking trade so the above roster may change by game time.

Jim Schwab with his reunion game jersey

Jim Schwab discusses the Reunion game

Gino Schiraldi discusses the Reunion game and the old Comets legacy


  1. Great photo's and interviews as always. Love the Sporting and Comets news. Honestly this is where I go on a daily basis to get news!

    Keep up the good work. I'm fired up about the game tonight.

  2. I can't wait for tonight! Seeing a mini-rivalry between Schwaabie and Gino with so many of the other favorites over the years will be great. KIIIIA!!!! lol Though I will be missing players like Kevin Hundelt, Iain Fraser, Enzo, and of course Tasso!